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A corporate bio should always open with an overview statement that provides a summary of the business owners skills and experience.

A corporate biography should tell a story, and it focuses on the business owner; who they are, and what they’e done

A corporate biography includes only what is relevant, and discards unnecessary information, such as education.

Business owners often come to me for help with their short business biography’s, mostly because the business world is so competitive and everyone needs a bio in 2015.

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  • Work experience
  • Businesses owned
  • Skills and abilities
  • Prominent clients
  • Achievements
  • Awards
  • Brief story of their life in business
  • Testimonials
  • Contact information
  • Location

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Our Company Biography Writing Service

In 2015, more and more business owners recognise the importance of a corporate bio. If you are struggling to write one yourself that does a good job at promoting you and your brand, we at are home to a team of expert writers who have years of experience in writing short corporate biography’s for business owners just like yourself. Our service is super personal, and we listen to you and your story before getting to work. We work quickly and efficiently, and we guarantee on-time delivery. Home to a team of friendly and yet talented writers, we offer 24/7 support, which means you can get in touch with us at any time. For a low fee, we offer professional business biography writing services that tell your story, and help to promote awareness of your achievements.

I got my corporate bio from and I couldn’t be happier; they have made me and my business look super professional.

James Elroy